Duncan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Duncan Chamber of Commerce

Duncan benefits from a variety of municipal services. Some of the city’s services include police and fire protection, water, street maintenance, transportation planning, business licensing, parks, cemetery, sanitary sewer, sanitation, electric, public library, and lakes (recreation and water supply).
The Duncan area is connected with a sophisticated, state-of-the-art emergency alert system. By dialing 911, you will be connected with the appropriate emergency response teams; police, fire, or medical.
The Duncan Police Department is dedicated to crime prevention and addresses the community’s unique needs and special concerns. The Stephens County Sheriff’s Office provides police services to Stephens County.
Within the Duncan city limits, the Duncan Fire Department provides fire services and actively promotes fire prevention safety.
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Tommy Edwards, Ricky Mayes, Mayor Gene Brown, Ritchie Dennington & Dr. Michael Nelson

Duncan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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