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Ideal for year-round outdoor activity with many opportunities to enjoy fishing, horseback riding, hunting, hiking, swimming and boating.


Duncan is located in Southwest Oklahoma in Stephens County approximately 90 miles south of Oklahoma City and 30 miles east of Lawton. Coordinates are 34°30'60" N and 97°56'58" W and the elevation is 1,112. The city encompasses 46 square miles of which 38.8 is land and 7.2 is water.

Duncan is part of the Great Plains area where the historic Chisholm Trail crossed, and where oil fields became Oklahoma's highest producing area until the 1980's. It has multiple lakes that are used to draw the city water supply as well as for recreation.

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Duncan’s western heritage began as an early settlement built around a trading post owned by William Duncan along the Chisholm Trail in southwest Oklahoma. Cowboy camps spawned by the cattle drives were plentiful in the area around Duncan because of running streams and lush grasses. The official birth date of Duncan is June 27, 1892, which was marked by the arrival of the first scheduled passenger train on the new Rock Island Railroad which had recently been completed through Duncan.

When Stephens County was created with statehood in 1907, Duncan was named the county seat and quickly outgrew surrounding towns. Duncan prospered with cotton as a main crop. The oil industry quickly brought greater prosperity to Duncan during the 1920s when Stephens County’s oil fields became and remained Oklahoma’s highest producing areas until the 1980s.1 Earl P. Halliburton established an oil field servicing business in Duncan which has become a world-wide operation still known as Halliburton.

Today, Duncan celebrates its rich western heritage with multiple monuments marking the historic Chisholm Trail, an annual Founder’s Day event, historical sidewalks along Main Street that offer details of Duncan’s history, and two outstanding museums. Duncan continues to progress forward as it supports expanding educational opportunities for youth and adults, steadily increases health care facilities, and attracts businesses to the area that include high-tech industries, distribution and oil field services.

Citizens of Duncan enjoy a city with immense social and recreational activities for all ages and an exceptionally low crime rate. Visitors to Duncan can experience our western heritage at our award-winning Chisholm Trail Heritage Center. They are also pleased to find a multitude of cultural and outdoor recreational opportunities, as well as indoor meeting and event facilities.

1images of America, Duncan and Stephens County, Oklahoma

For more information, please see http://www.ok-duncan.com/Location/default2.htm.

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